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21 Small Dog Costumes for Halloween

Maggie Welsh

Nothing makes me laugh or smile more than seeing good dog costumes for Halloween. Dogs are already so funny on their own, but add a ridiculous costume and they're unstoppable. Every year I look for a new costume for my pug and frenchie and every time I am overwhelmed with options.

Here are 21 cute & hilarious small dog costumes for Halloween to get ideas rolling / for your entertainment:

1. Pikachu

pikachu-dog-costume-ninja-the-frenchieI'm sure we'll see a lot of Pokimon characters this year, but I'm not sure anyone can beat the cuteness of a dog Pikachu. Ninja the frenchie is absolutely adorable and one of my favorite Instagram frenchies to follow. He has several other great costume ideas on his Instagram. See more of Ninja here. Find this costume here or here.

2. Lawn Gnome

dog-costumes-lawn-gnome-pomeranianIf you haven't been introduced to this dog yet, his name is Jiff and he is too cute. This has got to be the best costume for the happiest dog in the world, considering usually lawn gnomes are super creepy. Or is it just me? Pick it up on Etsy here. You can also see more of Jiff's awesome costumes here.

3. Bat

dog-costume-ideas-bat-pugBoo! So scary. ;) Pick up some bat wings on Etsy.

4. Shark

walter-the-frenchie-wearing-shark-dog-costume-from-petsmartAnother one of my personal favorite dogs to follow on Instagram, Walter, has posted several great costume ideas as of late. This shark costume takes the cake. Grab this dog costume at Petsmart.

5. Monsters, Inc.


This is one of my favorite costumes. Even better, you could dress up as Sulley and your dog can be boo.

6. Unicorn


This one has a bit of a special place in my heart because: A. I love unicorns, but B. I've attempted to make this costume before and utterly failed at it so I love that they pulled it off so well. They give you the full step-by-step on how to make it here. If you're not into DIY costumes, you can pick up an Etsy-made one here.

7. Circus Animals

dog-group-costume-circus-dogsGroup costumes rule! Especially when dogs are dressed up like other animals. Get an elephant costume here and a clown costume here. See more costume ideas from Refinery 29 here.

8. Crab

dog-crab-costume-etsyAnother great Etsy store for costumes. They also have cat costumes. This looks so well made. I can just imagine the crab legs moving around as the dog moves. Too great.

9. Flower

dog-flower-costume-handmade-frenchieHandmade on Etsy, these flower costumes are too precious!

10. Witch - Wicked Pug of the Midwest to be Exact

witch-dog-costume-wicked-pugWell of course I had to put at least one of my own dogs on this list. Rhea is wearing a DIY witch costume consisting of a wire framed witch hat and a little black dress I made. Notice her backpack is full of candy corn. All of which I unfortunately ate.

11. Mr. T

mr-t-dog-costume-by-bubba-the-pugBubba is another one of my fave dogs to follow on Facebook. He pulled off the Mr. T dog costume pretty well. You can find your Mr. T costume here.

12. Dinosaurs

dinosaur-dog-costume-etsyThere are so many great dog dinosaur costumes out there, including this one from Etsy.

13. Star Wars

darth-vader-pug-costumeprincess-leia-dog-costumeI (not so secretly) want to dress up as Han Solo and dress my pug up as chewy someday. There are so many hilarious Star Wars costumes and the never get old.

14. Biker Pup

Biker Dog CostumeMy pup, Toad was a hardcore biker last year. He really played the part (for treats). You can pick up the skull hat and leather jacket on Amazon.

15. Wooly Mammoth

wooly-mamoth-dog-costumeWisconsin Halloweens are quite cold and neither you or your pup would be cold in a wooly mammoth costume.

16. Tiger

tiger-tiger-dog-costume What's great about this costume is that you could repurpose it as a hoodie. It's highly adorable and available on Ebay.

17. Batman

batman-dog-costume-boo-pomeranianYou can pick up a similar Batman costume here. Bonus points for the car. Get more costume ideas like this from Popsugar.

18. Pig


I would love to see a french bulldog, english bulldog or pug wearing a pig costume. It would be too great considering they make pig sounds all of the time.

19. Sundae


This one is a personal favorite. One of my friend's boxer's has been rocking this costume for years and it never ceases to impress everyone.

20. Pope

dog-pope-costumeThis site has so many pictures of dogs and cats wearing pope costumes and it's awesome.

21. Basic B*tch

basic-bitch-dog-costume-ideaBecause even dogs have a little basic bitch in them. This costume would never disappoint. Plus you can easily grab a scarf from your closet. All you'd need is a wig. And I'm pretty sure there's nothing that will make you laugh more than seeing a dog in a wig. Pick up dog ugg boots here.

Hopefully these dog costumes stirred up some ideas for you or at the very least brightened your day. For more costume ideas, check out our Pinterest board.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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