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10 Fashionable Dog Sweaters, Hoodies & Jackets for Fall

It's officially autumn which means that those chilly breezes are starting to creep in and it's time to start looking for some fun dog sweaters to keep your dog warm. Although it is bitter-sweet to see summer weather dissipate, fall fashion makes for a fun transition into cold weather. While you may be looking for sweaters, jackets and layers for yourself, I might say, I have even more fun looking for my dog. Am I the only one? My problem is that there are so many crafty dog clothes out there that it is hard to find the quality and fashionable dog sweaters. A simple google search will leave you with many cheap options which typically means low-quality, cheesy and plain ugly dog gear. When I'm looking for something for my two dogs, I ask myself first, is it something they'll actually wear/is it comfortable and second, is it something I want in my size? This sounds silly, but I love finding dog brands that I wish I could wear myself. I'd like my dogs to reflect my style because it's fun!

Here are some of my favorite fashionable dog sweaters, hoodies and jackets for fall that you can get right now! Not to mention, some of my favorite brands:

Eye of Dog Dope Doge Shirt

This is a perfect example of something I would like in my size! It's so simple, yet fashionable.eye-of-dog-dope-doge-tie-dye-shirtIf you get a chance, check out their entire store or instagram. They have some great clothing. I picked up one of their tie-dye pieces from Shop Dog and Co's shop in NYC for my french bulldog, Toad and it's one of my favorite pieces yet. They're made in Australia. (Of course! All cool things seem to come out of AUS these days.)

PetHaus Denim Dog Jacket

pet-haus-pug-denim-jacketFirst off, this picture! This pug is so cute, but I suppose I'd probably say that about nearly every pug. They have so many great jackets in a range of sizes. This brand is also made in Australia, but can be found on Etsy which has definitely been one of my favorite sources for unique dog fashion and quality-made items.

BOSSPUP Checkered Hoodie

bosspup-checkered-dog-sweatshirtMade in Los Angeles, CA, this brand has many stylish zip-up hoodie options for very reasonable prices. (Most are $36 - $42, which, for being made in the US, is awesome!) I love their metal zipper hoodies. That simple addition makes these sweatshirts feel a bit more like people fashion. Check out their entire store on Etsy here.

Frenchie Bulldog Empire Hoodie

frenchie_bulldog_dog_hoodie_on_dog_-9_grandeIf you have a frenchie (or any barrel chest breed), these hoodies are made to fit and they're super cute. We have this one, but they have several other stylin' hoodies as well. They also just launched their super cute printed bow ties!

Lola Dog Fashion Panda Bear Hoodie


This sweatshirt is too adorable. I love the slight touch of comedy with this as well. It's not too serious which is a requirement not only for everything I wear, but my dog's gear as well. They are made in Poland so beware that shipping may take a bit. Either way, it seems like a worth-while wait. They have other adorable printed hoodie options as well.

Max & Bone Chloe Hoodie - Furry Delights


Here's your ever-hot blush / pale pink color that never seems to go out of style. I'm not sure about you, but I'm still not sick of this color. I can see this on my black pug, Rhea. How cute!

Eye of Dog Party-up Top at Shop Dog & Co


As I said before, this is one of my favorite, newfound dog clothing companies. You can find these in NYC or buy them online at Shop Dog and Co. If you're looking for other fashionable dog sweaters, clothes and accessories, Shop Dog and Co has it all. They do a fantastic job curating quality pet products that are unique!

Wear of the Dog Jacquard Pullover

ware_of_the_dog_sweaterHere's a classic sweater with a fashionable twist. I love their patterns!

Happy Pouch Aztec Dog Hoodie

Dog Hoodie, Aztec Dog HoodieAnother great Etsy brand, made in Sweden. It wouldn't be a list from me if it didn't include some crazy, abstract pattern. At the same time, this piece is very wearable. It would be a great mix-and-match print option if you were rockin one of our packs.

BETTERS Bear Hoodie Sweater - Sir Dog Wood

BETTERS Bear Sweatshirt Sir Dog WoodA great classic dog sweatshirt with a cute and humorous twist: bear ears. Again, I love that this hoodie is lighthearted. After all, dogs remind us daily to laugh and have more fun, right? It's the perfect playful dog sweatshirt. Hope you enjoyed this list! I'll be back next week with some fun dog costume ideas. In the meantime, do you have any go-to dog fashion brands that you love? I'd love to hear about them. Drop a line below! 10 fashionable dog sweaters hoodies-and-jackets-for-fall

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