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Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Fisher Wears our Backpack on the Today Show

Maggie Welsh

It's not every morning that you wake up to find out that Carrie Fisher's dog Gary Fisher was wearing one of our backpacks on the Today Show!

Carrie Fisher's Dog Gary Fisher Today Show Backpack Kathie Lee Hoda BookMonths ago when I was traveling across the US in a RV, I met a lovely lady who hand embroiders and sequins beautiful sewn pieces: Dawn Rogal. We met in Los Angeles through a mutual friend at a co-working space through our love for textiles. Soon thereafter, we decided to do a collaboration where Dawn hand sequined one of my dog backpacks.

Sequin Dog Backpack Gary Fisher Dawn RogalBefore sequining the pack, we had talked about our favorite celebrities (and their dogs) and decided that Carrie Fisher's dog Gary Fisher was our favorite. He and Carrie had been on the morning show several months prior and the interview was hilarious. Carrie is always so honest and cracking jokes while Gary sits with his tongue out. I love them so much! Gary reminds me a lot of my french bulldog, Toad. They have a very similar chill, lazy, go-with-the-flow attitude. Who couldn't love this dog?!

Recently Dawn made her way back to Saskatchewan, Canada where she found out that Carrie and Gary Fisher were coming to the local Comic Con. Dawn was able to meet them both and give them our collaborative backpack. Needless to say, seeing a photo of Gary wearing my backpack was pretty exciting.

gary-fisher-backpack-comic con Carrie FisherSeveral months later, including a tweet from Carrie of Gary modeling his pack, I found out that they were on the Today Show a couple of times!

Carrie Fisher Twitter Gary Fisher Star Wars TourOne with Savannah Guthrie and the other with Kathie Lee and Hoda. Both of which are hilario


Carrie Fisher Kathie Lee Hoda Today Show 11-21-16 Gary Fisher

Carrie Fisher Today Show NBC 15 Harrison Ford affair

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