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Dog Stories: Cavaliers Sir Henry & Lady Sophia

Seeing how much joy dogs bring joy to our lives, it's time for a little 'dog stories' series. Each month we'll feature cutie dogs and some of their favorite things. Meet our first features: Sir Henry (3 years old) and Lady Sophia (2 years old), both adopted Cavalier King Charles Spaniels from Madison, Wisconsin. You may recognize Henry from this years calendar.

Dog Stories #1: Henry & Sophie

Pups Who Pack Dog Stories: Sir Henry & Lady Sophia Cavaliers 

Favorite hangout/park:

Henry - I love going to the Prairie Moraine County Park in Verona, WI. It’s my favorite dog park to go to any time of the year - even during winter. It has the best hiking trails!

Sophie - I’ll go hiking but the humans usually end up carrying me. I prefer to stay inside watching reality tv on the couch while getting a massage and eating some snacks.

Dog Spotlight: Henry & Sophia

Favorite adventure/trip:

H- My favorite thing to do is hike around the northwoods of Wisconsin at the grandpawrents cabin. We also recently took a trip to the Porcupine Mountains and that was a lot of fun! I saw some waterfalls and swam in Lake Superior.

Sir Henry The Dog Hiking

S - Taking long walks is hard for me, so I prefer to go by boat! Speed boats rides get you around in style and are my new favorite method of transportation. Car rides are also great for napping.

Lady Sophie Cavalier Pastel Dog Pack by Maggie Modena

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

H- This one time, I got into a fight with a roll of toilet paper. Proof that I won. S- When Henry’s not looking, I steal his toys and hide them. Hiking with your Dog - Pups Who Pack Backpack

What is your motto?

H- You can trust me to guard your house. But never trust me to guard your sandwich. S - Live like someone left the gate open! Unless the bed is warm. Then stay in bed. IMG_0081

What are you feeling particularly grateful for today?

H&S - We are both rescue dogs. We are grateful to have a home with yummy treats and lots of love.

Sir Henry the dog - Cavalier wearing dog backpack Check out Henry & Sophie's Instagram account here. SO many adorable photos!

Henry is wearing our X-Ray Dog Pack while Lady Sophie is wearing our Pastel backpack.

Interested in being featured on our next dog stories post? Send us a message! Lady Sophia King Charles Cavalier

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