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Doug the Pug's Backpack in Freshman 15 Video

Where can I get Doug the Pug's Backpack?

Right here my friends.

When I first started putting together my Kickstarter to launch our dog backpack, I made a list of celebrity dogs that I dreamed would wear my bags. Being a pug fanatic (and owner), Doug the Pug was on that list. Now I can officially say that he's rocking our dog backpack! It's one proud moment!

Doug the Pug's Backpack in Freshman 15 Video

Doug the Pug wearing dog backpack back to school There are many reasons why I hoped that Doug would love our packs. First, he is a daily dose of happiness and laughter and that's a big part of what our packs are all about. His Instagram and Youtube are so hilarious. If you need a good laugh or pick-me-up, Doug will get you your fix. Secondly, Doug is one stylish pug. In his own words he's the 'King of Pop Culture'. I mean, Doug dresses better than most people do. It's awesome. He's even got his own line of merch. The Pug Life Black Tee is one of my personal favorites. Check out Doug's full video below and see our packs at about 15 seconds in. At the very least, enjoy a little silly dog entertainment this Friday afternoon.

Doug the Pug Freshman 15 Video

Doug the Pug's backpack is our Galaxy print - Get it here.

Additional prints are also available at

We've been working on some pretty fun things under-wraps. (Stay up to date here / Daily updates here)

Happy Friday and Labor Day Weekend friends!

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