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Living in a Camper with Dogs - (Frenchie & Pug)

People frequently ask me, ‘How is it living in a camper with dogs? How do they like it?’

Living in a camper with DogsThankfully, our dogs are very easy-going and 85% of the time prefer cozying up on the couch together. I should mention that they are a frenchie and pug duo and are 5 and 6 (ish) years old. Between their breed, age, and personalities, they are a pretty lazy pair. Sleeping, snoring, and eating are pretty much the name of the game.

Living in a camper with a pug and french bulldog

That being said, there are some things we’ve learned about living in a camper with dogs.

  An obvious first: It’s a small space. Even though they’re innately lazy, you should walk them more than you would living in a larger space.   Traveling stresses them out, just as it stresses out most people. They now know the difference between us leaving for the evening/day versus packing up to move to a new location and we've quickly figured out that packing up stresses them out. I found that putting them in the car with the windows down helps a lot. This way they know that they aren’t being left behind.

Smithwoods RV Park with DogsOur second dog, Toad, was a rescue and has some bad habits from his past scavenger life. He gets on the counters to find food because he was unfortunately underfed his entire life. That being said, if you’re going to leave the camper for a couple hours with your dog left free to roam around, turn off the water at the pump (even if your dog isn't a scavenger)! We learned this the hard way. Our camper flooded, but thankfully didn't do any damage as someone turned off the water for us. 

Also related, we bought a very nice collapsable crate for them. They love it and frequently sleep in there when we’re home. (They also sleep on top of it. lol.) I love the collapsible feature! It’s come in handy frequently. 

Guardian Collapsable Dog CrateI’d also recommend shutting most of the blinds for two reasons. First, if your dogs are a little territorial and bark at people, you don’t want to encourage them. Second, if it’s warm out (not even hot), the sun warms the camper up quickly! Even if it’s 65 outside. If it’s sunny out, it’ll get hot. Campers temperatures rise and fall very quickly. Anything over 75 and it’s most likely that you’ll need to turn on the air for the dogs.   

At the end of the day, they really love it. As long as they get their food, playtime and outdoor time, they’re pretty happy. They love going for walks in the many new places we’ve been. So many new smells and places to pee! Haha. We've also got to explore so many fun new parks and even do some meet-ups. I'll be sure to share some of our favorites in a future blog post!

Pug Sunday San Fransisco

Not to mention, we LOVE having them with too. With our surroundings constantly changing, they have been a small piece of ‘home’ and stability in our lives. Seeing their excited little faces as they explore new places with us is well worth the little extra work of bringing them.

Maggie & Rhea Pups Who PackAny questions about traveling with your dogs or specifics about bringing your dog on a RV trip? Feel free to drop a comment below.

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