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Remembering My Frenchie Toad

Maggie Welsh

 For those of you who might not know, we had to put down our beloved frenchie Toad May 29th of this year due to cancer. All summer, I had been trying to find ways to honor Toad - we planted a tree for him, adopted another frenchie (Yoshi is amazing), shared our last days together, made a photo album, devoured chicken tenders and countless other small daily things.

One other thing I wanted to do is to create some art based on Toad. I wondered 'what would Toad like?' Well, there was really only one thing that kept coming to mind: FOOD. 

Anyone who knew Toad, knew he was nuts about food. He was also crafty at getting the garbage open (lock and all!), knowing where you left food out the night before, parkouring over tables and furniture to rescue the loan crumb, cleaning up the cats food (turds too -eeew), licking the floor clean daily and remembering where cat's food in the barn at the family farm was. He was a bit of a food-ninja.

So, I made a print (naturally) of Toad's favorite foods: chicken tenders (of the Culver's variety), beef sticks, donuts, pizza and popcorn. I think he would have been happy with that selection.

So there you have it: Toad's Favorite Food's Print. Now available in our shop.

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