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Sophie & Jax The Frenchies - Seattle Dog Life - Dog Stories Episode 2

Sophie & Jax - The Seattle Dog Life - Dog Stories, Episode 2

I am so excited to introduce you to some of my favorite frenchies. Sophie & Jax are an adorable pair of frenchies living the Seattle dog life. I first 'met' Sophie when she was an only-pup back in 2015 when her and her mom (Emily) supported me on my Kickstarter. Little did I know, just how awesome they are. Sophie & Jax The Frenchies - Seattle Dog Life - Dog Stories Episode 2

Name(s): Sophie & Jax
Breed(s): French Bulldogs
Age(s): 4 & 2
Location: Seattle, WA

Favorite hangout/park:

[Sophie] I love Magnuson Park, mainly because there are so many people for me to greet! I try to greet everyone I see - a couple of people have nicknamed me the mayor because of it. I'm not huge on playing fetch or going in the water like Jax is, but sometimes I do like to find and gnaw on already torn up tennis balls (they're easier to tear apart when someone has already done half the work for me!)

[Jax] I love Magnuson too, but mainly because it is SO big - almost 9 acres! My favorite thing to do is play fetch with a soccer ball so that gives me plenty of space to run back and forth. There's also a little beach that opens up to Lake Washington and I like to take the ball in there too!

Favorite adventure/trip:

[Sophie] Every year we get to go to the Bay Area to see one of my best friends, Enzo (@vincenzopepito). Even though it's a 13+ hour drive, it's always worth it to see him and to play tourist in SF and the surrounding areas!

[Jax] Any trip we've ever taken that ends with me playing with my ball is the best trip ever. I love everything we do and everywhere we go!

What’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

[Sophie] I once went viral online because Mom posted pictures of me wearing a onesie and staring at my grandpawrents' fish tank for an entire weekend. Since then, Mom and Dad got me my own fish. His name is Mortimer! It's like having my own personal TV with a never-ending bingeworthy show.

[Jax] I chase shadows, lights, lasers, everything! All the time, too! Sometimes if the light hits the window just right, I spend long days just staring at the floor. or the wall. or the ceiling. Mom and Dad think that's pretty silly but I'm not sure if it counts as "silliest" if I do it all the time! 

What is your motto?

[Sophie] Napping is a full time job!


[Jax] Ball is life! 

What are you feeling particularly grateful for today?

[Sophie] We're lucky we get to go with our Mom to work every day. Granted, I spend the whole time sleeping, but it's nice that I get to sleep next to her desk.

[Jax] Dad just got me a new soccer ball from the store because I tore apart the other one. I'm grateful for that!

Fave dog insider tip:

[Sophie & Jax’s owner, Emily] After much trial and error we finally found a food that works well with the dogs' stomachs and don't give them stinky farts - Ollie (@myollie) makes "home cooked"-esque meals that Sophie and Jax absolutely love. We definitely recommend it!

Follow Sophie & Jax on Instagram for more adorable photos, including all of the photos here. They always are on fun adventures whether it be in the Seattle area or along the west coast.

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